Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 805 : North Fork Recap Part Two : The Old Field

Next stop was the Old Field, a family owned vineyard also located in Southold boasting the only mother / daughter vineyard / winery team on the North Fork. The vineyard and land have been in the family for close to a century and the current generation working on the land is the fifth generation to do so. Steeped in the region's tradition, there are references to "The Old Field" dating back to Native American farming in the mid 1600s.

2012 is their thirty-eighth year of wine growing and production with a focus on sustainable agricultural practices. They currently produce two whites, both of the Chardonnay variety, a Pinot Noir rose, a Blanc de Noirs, a straight forward Pinot Noir, a Cab Franc and three Merlots.

My favorite of their wines was their Cab Franc which was smooth, luscious, and round with a nice full red berry mouthfeel. A complete surprise for a Cab Franc from the North Fork and a welcome one at that!

What was also completely refreshing about the Old Field was that it truly was a small production, family owned vineyard. There was no fuss  here -- it was all about the love of the land and the wines that they create. No big shiny tasting room, just a small barn set off the beaten track a bit but just the sort of winery I enjoy visiting.

The Old Field
59600 Main Road
Southold, NY 11971

Image courtesy of www.theoldfield.com

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