Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 790 : It's Ramp Season! Who is psyched?

Every spring those of us who enjoy frequenting the green markets on the East Coast, consider themselves foodies, love to cook, or are professional chefs get excited about ramps. What is all the fuss about?

Ramps are one of the first green vegetables that we see at our local green markets signifying that yes it is springtime and that the local fruit and vegetable bounty is about to blossom in full force. They have a very short growing season, so make sure to find them while you can!

So what exactly is a ramp?

They fall under the umbrella of the wild leek / wild onion / wild garlic family with large flat green leaves and a small white-ish / purple-ish bulb. Aromatic and slightly pungent with a nice vegetal sweetness, they're rough around the edges in just the right sort of way to awaken your senses.

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So what shall we do with them?

I especially like them grilled so why not grill them with some nice asparagus on your stove top grill? Toss a handful of asparagus and ramps with some EVOO and sea salt on the stove top grill. Cook till there's a nice char on the ramps allowing for a smoky aromatic sweet flavor to develop and a nice vegetal brightness from the asparagus. Top with a poached egg and some shavings of Parmesan to add a nice creamy unctuous cheesy component to your springtime vegetable medley and turn it into a nice meal. Enjoy!

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