Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 788 : Coach Farm's Goat Milk Ricotta

Most ricotta you tend to find on supermarket shelves or homemade behind cheese counters tends to be crafted with cow's milk giving you a rich, creamy, round mouthfeel -- decadent and indulgent but light and airy because of its youth. Today I had the pleasure of getting some of Coach Farm's goat's milk ricotta which was light as a feather, tangy and bright with a clean milky chalky-ness. Yes inherently the same cheesemaking process but this tasted like a totally different cheese and had a slightly more clumpy appearance than its cow milk cousin.

After an evening run I decided that I wanted to showcase my new ricotta so I made an openfaced tartine -- a simple quick nutritious meal. First off I combined some EVOO, chives, sugar snap peas, fennel, sea salt, and black pepper with the ricotta and toasted two pieces of ciabatta. Then I topped each side with my ricotta mixture and some smoked salmon and finally a few sprigs of arugula and then a dash of lemon juice for a bright citrusy tang. Bam - dinner was done in less than ten minutes and perfect after a long day.

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