Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 783 : A Springtime Salad

The days are longer, the flowers are blooming, ramps are in season, and its time for rose wine!

At this time of year I get very excited about everything green and fresh and just can't get enough of it! So I thought I would utilize some of my fresh greens to craft an herbaceous, flavorful and alive salad to go with that glass of Rose wine that just works perfectly at this time of year.

What's in this simple salad?

Sugar snap peas
Perisan Cucumber
Fennel branches
Asparagus tips
The Amazing Real Live's Stella Vallis Tomme
Butternut Squash seed oil
A dollop of mustard
Sea Salt

Dice up a quarter of a fennel bulb, some of the branches, one Persian cucumber and then a big handful of sugar snaps really small. Place these in the bowl with the arugula. Lightly saute a handful of diced asparagus tips with some EVOO, Maille Dijon Mustard, and sea salt for about five to six minutes so that the asparagus is still crunchy and flavorful. While your asparagus is cooking crumble a nice handful of Stella Vallis Tomme into the salad. Top with your asparagus and a small drizzle of EVOO and an even small drizzle of Butternut Squash seed oil. Mix together and you are ready to go with your rose and your salad.

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