Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 780 : Stop 2 - Warwick Winery + Distillery and A surprise tasting with Edgwick Farms

Leaving Bellvale Farms, we headed to the other side of Warwick to go to Warwick Winery & Distillery. Here they craft five white wines, one blush wine and three red wines on top of hard ciders, a port, gin, and fruit infused brandies. In fact, in 2001, they received a grant to develop New York States first fruit infused brandies. The property boasts sixty acres of orchards and farmlands with over twenty different types of apples and pears.  

We walked inside to the rustic quaint tasting room to discover that we had lucked out -- we had shown up on a day when they were doing a Hudson Valley Fresh event with new Cornwall based creamery, Edgwick Farms. $10 for an extensive wine and cheese tasting? Don't mind if I do!

But before we get to the recap of the tasting, I think what was most exciting for me was the fact that we stumbled upon this new creamery -- Edgwick Farms! They have only been in operation for six weeks and are producing strictly goat's milk cheeses. If you haven't heard of them, definitely check them out! Currently you can find them on Facebook but they are working on developing their web presence over the next few weeks.

Back to the tasting :

Pairing Number #1 - Warwick Valley Winery Chardonnay and Sackett Ridge - A nice round Chardonnay, not overly oaky with the classic hints of vanilla, peach and other stone fruits, butter, and a light toasty roasty-ness. Paired with this was Edgwick's goat cheddar, Sackett Ridge. Bright, tangy and round this dense goat's milk cheddar cut right through the oaky notes of the wine. A great way to begin the tasting.

Pairing Number #2 - Warwick Valley Winery Riesling and Canterbury - A sweeter Riesling with Asian pear and light acidity notes, this wine went excellently with Edgwick Farm's soft spreadable goat's milk cheese, Canterbury. Fresh, chalky, and milky - the youth and tang of the cheese cut through the wine's sweet notes to provide you with an excellent pairing.

Pairing Number # 3 - Warwick Valley Winery Pinot Noir and Marinated Canterbury - A very light Pinot Noir with light earthy red berry notes and a warm finish. This Canterbury was marinated in herbs and garlic and further aged so that the soft creamy paste is infused with a fantastic aromatic herbaceous bent! The red berry notes of the wine find a nice pairing partner in the dialed up and dynamic cheese.

Pairing Number #4 - Warwick Valley Winery Black Dirt Red and Two types of Moodna - My favorite of the wines we tried, this was a smooth silky medium bodied red made from a French hybrid grape known as Baco Noir. This was paired with two types of Moodna -- an American style and a Greek style feta. I am sure your first thought is what is the difference? The American feta was less aged and less sharp overall and was aged in a different sort of brine. The Greek style was firm, briny and crumbly, fantastic for salads and omelets and just the right amount of sharp piquant notes. The wine was able to stand up to the big cheese notes and enhance them.

Pairing Number # 5 - Doc's Hard Apple Cider and Dill Trestle  - Bright, crisp, yeasty, and somewhat refreshing, this cider is made with ten different apples and blended with Champagne yeast. This was paired with their dill trestle cheese crafted with whole milk ricotta that is then molded into a wheel making it a slice-able cheese. Classic milky ricotta notes with hints of aromatic vegetal notes from the dill. An accessible yet fun pairing.

Pairing Number #6 - Doc's Hard Pear Cider and Basil and Garlic Trestle - 60 percent apples, 40 percent pears make up this stunning pear cider. Dry, crisp, and totally refreshing, this is easy drinking cidery bubbles. It was paired with a much more dialed up in flavor profile trestle infused with basil and garlic. An excellent springtime pairing!

Pairing Number #7 - Doc's Hard Raspberry Cider and Rosemary and Black Pepper Trestle - 80 percent apples, twenty percent raspberries make up this dry raspberry cider, not nearly as sweet as say a Framboise Lambic and light and flavorful. Paired with the last of the infused trestles, this was rosemary all the way my friends -- dynamic and herbaceous it went perfectly with the red berry notes in the cider.

Overall a fantastic selection of Hudson Valley wines, ciders, and cheeses and a treat to be able to encounter Edgwick Farms! Good luck to you guys and I look forward to seeing you and the folks at Warwick Winery and Distillery very soon.

We left feeling truly inspired by people who absolutely love what they do and pour their passion into every ounce of their product.

Stay tuned for the other two stops in the next day or so!

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