Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 777 : Of celebrations, bubbles, and other fabulous things

This evening I had the opportunity of going to an event with the Ruinart Chef de Cave at Whitehall Bar + Kitchen and I got to thinking about the classic champagne and cheese pairings and how sometimes stepping outside of the box and doing the unexpected is the most fun.

Ruinart's rose champagne is one of my favorite champagnes -- it's delicate and flavorful yet refined and elegant, approachable but developed. It is the sort of champagne that can stand alone or be paired with foods and work each and every time. So this evening I got to thinking about what my favorite Ruinart Rose cheese pairing would be and I determined it would be Vermont Butter & Cheese's Coupole.

Full disclosure -- maybe that's because these are too of my favorites enjoyed together but also because I truly think they work.

Coupole is a geotrichum ripened aged pasteurized goat's milk cheese that is modeled on the Loire Valley greats but is completely it's own Vermont creation -- milky, chalky, citrusy, and crisp with a nice refreshing and tangy finish. The mineral acidity of the cheese finds its counterpart in the bubbly and the red berry nutty notes of the bubbly go hand in hand with the dense brightness of the cheese. An elegant and springy pairing of my favorite French bubbles and Vermont goat's milk cheeses.

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