Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 774 : Sometimes we all just want some good ole fashioned comfort

In under a week, the temperature in NYC has gone from 75 - 76 degrees to a current 37 which for me means it's back to red wine, cozy covers, and warm, comforting food. Comfort food to me is really individual specific and at its core, it's been to make you feel at ease and least in its ideal form...

What's your comfort food? Is it something you love to cook and enjoy the relaxing part of cooking or is it something from your favorite deli or restaurant that you've enjoyed for your years or is it something that takes you back to your childhood that you've rediscovered in adult life? 

Disclaimer -- I've always loved sauteed bananas. I enjoyed them as a child and the love never wore off -- bananas diced and sauteed with some EVOO, cinnamon, nutmeg and a little sea salt and I am over the moon. So I thought why not make a grilled cheese utilizing my favorite sauteed bananas some Vermont Butter and Cheese's Fromage Blanc, roasted almonds, sunflower seeds and diced up dates. Somewhat like breakfast for dinner but boy was this simple sandwich just what I needed after a long day and the sudden windy coldness.

To prepare:

Grab a nice whole wheat/multigrain loaf of bread and slice two slices. Put those to the side. Let's start with sauteing your bananas over low heat with as previously mentioned, EVOO, cinnamon, nutmeg and a little sea salt. Once your bananas are done, grab your Fromage Blanc, almonds and sliced dates and combine on top of a piece of bread and toast away. Light yet with a slight crunch from the almonds and a nice comforting warmth from the bananas with the tangy citrus milky brightness of the Fromage Blanc -- the perfect "oh it feels like winter again" sandwich for a late Monday evening supper.

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