Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 770 : The Amazing Real Live Food Company

This is regional dairy produce that sets itself apart from the crowd! Hailing from Pine Plains in the Hudson Valley, is the Amazing Real Live Food Company whose goal is to produce as they say "restorative food and drink"...and..."to make vital products that honor our body as a living organism and promote its good health."All of their products are produced utilizing probiotics and key digestive enzymes to not only nourish but also stimulate and enliven the body. These are cheeses and foods that are meant to make you feel good about eating them and about yourself!

This evening we had their Moonlight Chaource modeled on classic Loire Valley aged goat's milk cheeses like Saint Maure but completely unique and terroir specific to the Hudson Valley. Boasting a bloomy rind with an ashen exterior and a fantastic cream line separating the dense chalky milky bright interior. Light yet flavorful, creamy yet not too rich, rustic and earthy yet citrusy, grassy and alive. This cheese is great with a glass of Millbrook Tocai Friulano.

Harder than other regional cheeses to find, I first discovered The Amazing Real Live Food Company at a food tasting last year and recently rediscovered it through Fresh Direct's local produce section. Found at many farmer's markets in the Hudson Valley, it does not have the same distribution in the city so it's worth grabbing some from Fresh Direct, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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