Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 765 : Cheddar Hot and Cold Crostini

Apropos our in depth look at the aging process of Cheddars, I decided to make both a hot and cold crostini utilizing two different vintages of cheddar.

Cold Crostini:

2 year aged Cabot
Fuji Apple slices
Slices of Cucumber
Lettuce Leaf
Rye Bread

Paired with Ravines Keuka White

Hot Crostini

Homemade tomato pepper sauce - Smoked Paprika, herbes de provence, sea salt, black pepper, two plum tomatoes, half of red pepper and some basil leaves. Cooked down to caramelized. Topped with five year aged cheddar on crunchy flax seed crackers.

Paired with Primo Primitivo.

Each crostini exhibits the inherent qualities of each cheddar and how they differ as they age -- almost two totally different cheeses but yet the same.

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