Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 752 : Wrinkles are Sexy - The Wonders of Bonne Bouche

Bonne Bouche yes that's French for a "good or mouthful/bite." But it is also the flagship geotrichum-rinded aged goat's milk cheese from Vermont Butter and Cheese. First released to the public in 2001, this cheese has gotten better with age -- not just its cave aging, but the creamery has worked very hard to perfect this little morsel of soft ash ripened goat's milk cheese. And if I do say so myself -- boy have they succeeded! It is outstanding. I'm not the only one who thinks so, the cheese won gold at last year's World Cheese Awards.

Think Loire Valley style ash ripened goat cheeses like Selles-sur-Cher, add in the terroir and specific tree ash of Vermont, the local farms' pasteurized goat's milk, the special touch of the Vermont Butter and Cheese creamery staff, and a little je ne sais quoi and you get Bonne Bouche. Tangy and chalky yet bright and citrusy with a nice milky smooth finish and piquant hints as the cheese ages.

The cheese is aged just long enough to develop its fabulous wrinkles which are the cornerstone of Vermont Butter and Cheese's March Facebook Campaign, giveaway and Whole Foods samplings in and around New York this month. So how do you win?

Step One: Like Vermont Butter and Cheese on Facebook

Step Two: Share your favorite photo, pairing concept, or serving tip for Bonne Bouche or something you find interesting about the cheese.

Step Three : Cross your fingers that you win the weekly random giveaway basket of this fabulous cheese. Vermont Butter and Cheese will be giving away one basket per week in the month of March.

So why wait around? It's time to enter the Wrinkles are Sexy campaign! I guarantee you will love Bonne Bouche!


  1. Bonne Bouche is amazing! I tried some from Lucy's Whey. Love that you wrote about it.

    1. Glad you liked it! It truly is amazing right?


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