Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 742 : Fast, Easy, Fresh Meals for One

Tonight after a long day at the office I decided that I wanted something warm, comforting and somewhat rustic -- how about a warm bulgur salad with roasted tomatoes, carrots, butternut squash, turnips with some Ibores grated over the top?

You must be thinking, what is Ibores?

Ibores hails from the Extremadura region of Spain and is a firm goat's milk cheese whose rind has been rubbed in paprika and olive oil over the course of its two month aging process. The result? A light yet round and warming cheese that packs a nice spicy aromatic punch. Crisp and lightly citrusy with the classic goaty notes, the olive oil rub and paprika add the perfect kick to dial this cheese up a notch. Perfect for our warm bulgur salad.

If you have never cooked bulgur before don't be afraid, it's like cooking rice -- boiling water and salt is all you need. Next up for the veggies, dice them all up and place them in a large saute pan with some EVOO, sea salt, crushed red pepper, rosemary, and oregano. Cover and cook over low to medium heat continually stirring for fifteen to twenty minutes. Once the bulgur is done, toss in the veggie pan and mix together over low heat for a few minutes. Take off the stove and top with a nice grating of Ibores. Enjoy with a glass of crisp white wine.

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