Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 730 : Travelling to Railay

Whoops, running a day behind here, but I will be playing catchup over the next twenty four hours so stay tuned. A short update on the past twenty four hours as I don't want you all to go missing your Fromagical musings for too long.

Yesterday morning, which if I do say so myself feels like days ago, I started my journey southward, flying from Bangkok to Krabi, an hour long flight to a town south of Phuket. That didn't mean that upon landing in Krabi, I had arrived at my final destination of Railay. Oh no folks, I had the pleasure of taking a van to a golf cart to a wooden motor boat to a port pulled by a tractor to arrive at Railay Beach, the location of my friends' wedding tomorrow. Railay Beach is car free and is surrounded on three sides by water with a strip of maybe ten hotels, a few restaurants and a few beach bars -- welcome to the end of the world beach town my friends. Check your stress and baggage at the door, this was ultimate relaxation at its best.

This truly was out of a dream, a place where life moved at a slower pace, people were friendlier and more carefree -- a great way to decompress and recharge.

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