Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 721: In honor of National Dark Chocolate Day...

Did you know February 1st was National Dark Chocolate Day? And it was also the day Grand Central Station opened to the public in 1913?

Two very exciting factoids for this first day of the second month of the year, right?

So let's suggest a dark chocolate pairing then in honor of this day!

How about Lazy Lady Farm's Thin Red Line paired with Mast Brothers Dark Chocolate Bar infused with Maine Sea Salt and a glass of Blanc de Blancs? Does that not sound fabulous to you? Sweet, savory, creamy and delectable!

Lazy Lady Farm's Thin Red Line is a bloomy rinded goat's milk cheese coated in vegetable ash with a line of Spanish paprika that divides the chalky, milky, citrusy bright paste in two adding a spicy, tangy, meaty smokey bent to the cheese. Pair that alone with a glass of Blanc de Blancs -- 100% Chardonnay grapes, bubbly and fabulous, and you will be in heaven. The bubbles of the Blanc de Blancs, like say a glass of Ruinart, will cut right through the creaminess of the cheese and enhance the flavor nuances on the whole -- each light yet with a sense of weightiness. But add in the Mast Brothers Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar and it will take the pairing to a whole new level.

Mast Brothers Chocolates are the only bean to bar chocolates being crafted here in New York. Where do you think they are produced? Brooklyn of course, in their own converted chocolate factory! They utilize beans from small farms all over the world including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Brazil and more along with infusing local ingredients into each bar, crafted with love and care. This is not your average supermarket Tollhouse chocolate my friends -- these are artisanal chocolates that will wow you. So add in a morsel of their Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar to your cheese and bubbly pairing in honor of National Dark Chocolate Day!

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  1. Nice post!

    true dark chocolate is usually considered anything at or above 65% cacao.


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