Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 709 : Cheese Trotting Unpacked...

Last night we did a "Where in the World Cheese" tasting -- a globe trotting, cheese trotting evening of cheeses from nine different locales. Each person had four different cheeses, but no one had the exact same cheeses making for a more interactive evening. Less about pairing with specific beverages and more about getting to know the people present in the room.

You must be thinking, why did she choose nine cheeses?

Well that's because each cheese represented the geographical origin of each of the nine teams present -- part cheese tasting, part networking, part team building, part socializing, all rolled into one. What a great way to bring people together over delish cheeses and wines. A great concept for friends, companies, networking groups, you name brings people together over good cheeses, breaking bread, wines and beers that in turn creates a shared bond and a shared experience that will stimulate conversation and growth.

Over the next few days, we will delve in depth into a variety of the cheeses that were featured in the tasting and focus on a variety of different creameries that kindly provided us with cheese for the event.

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