Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 698 : An evening on Mulberry...

Yesterday evening a friend and I decided we had to check out the Pop-Up Park in Nolita -- yes that is exactly what it sounds like -- fake grass, picnic blankets, food vendors, and general merriment. Open through February 15th from 12 to 8pm on a daily basis, this truly is the next level of pop-up space. First there were pop-up shops then pop-up restaurants and bars and now pop-up parks?

What do you do after you've played in an indoor pop up park? 

Why not stop into Tartinery right next door for a bite and a drink. Loosely inspired by modern French bistros, this sleek eatery offers a variety of tartines (open faced sandwiches served on the classic French Polaine bread), salads, a few mains and appetizers along with an excellent wine list. Walking through the door, one is immediately hit with warming wafts of baking and toasting bread, a true French comfort sort of scent. 

Perhaps an appetizer of burrata and a glass of Pinot Noir to fulfill the appetite you developed while playing next door? The sensual decadence of a morsel of burrata is the perfect nibble if you ask me. Mozzarella curd stretched and filled with cream into a bright white ball of creamy cheesy heaven. Rarely does it need anything besides some EVOO, sea salt and black pepper, perhaps some herbs. But that's it. 
It will always put a smile on your face. It is one of those cheeses that I adore but rarely buy at home because it is meant to be shared. 

A great way to spend a winter afternoon or evening -- good food, good times, good friends, and good adventures.

Pop Up Park Here @ Openhouse Gallery
201 Mulberry Street

209 Mulberry Street

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