Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 693 : Corkbuzz

This evening I stopped into Corkbuzz, the new wine bar south of Union Square by the world's youngest master sommelier, a woman at that! With a philosophy about bringing together wine appreciators and lovers to enjoy and educate about wine, I'd been excited about trying this place since I heard about it in the first place. Corkbuzz's mission was to be a warm and welcoming place to meet for a drink, a place to dine or to take classes at, and to be open to everyone. I love this concept and think it is something that the Union Square area could use along with just being a great idea.

However when I walked in this evening, I was a little bit disappointed -- although the wine list was great, I felt that it priced out a lot of its prime clientele -- with the majority of wines by the glass more expensive than other wine bars around town. With the mission of educating about wine, the bartenders/waiters did not really take the time to explain the wines you were drinking. Perhaps you didn't want that which is completely understandable but the offer would have been nice. The menu looked wonderful and was meant to pair with the wines, but yet again more expensive than I was expecting.

What was maybe the most interesting for me was that the majority of the clientele were business folk from the neighborhood stopping in for a drink before heading home, maybe that has to do with the time I was there or that it has not become popular yet, but I expected this to be a place for wine lovers to commune and chat about new wine trends, food fads, cheese developments and more.

It is such an excellent concept with what looks like a wonderfully delish food menu and a warm and inviting atmosphere, I hope it is successful as it grows into itself. It sure has the promise and I am sure with the lack of wine bars in the immediate neighborhood it will take off!

13 East 13th Street

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