Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 690: 2012

In thinking about what to write about to close out the 2011 Fromagical year, I was a bit torn --  I could revisit the great moments of the past year or I could propose a decent celebratory cheese or I could not talk about cheese at all and only talk about the New Year. Before deciding what direction to go in, I revisited what I wrote in 2010 and it was the second option so that was out for me and in 2009 Fromagical was conceived actually as part of a New Year's Eve resolution and would not come into existence till the very beginning of 2010. For this last and final day of 2011, I decided to reflect on the New Year and the year that is drawing to a close this evening.

As one year concludes and we move into the next, I tend to reflect on where I have been since this year began -- have I succeeded at conquering all of the goals and challenges I set out for myself on January 1st? Have I pushed myself to tackle the obstacles that life has delivered? I sure hope so, it hasn't been the easiest year but it sure has been a rewarding one at that. I look forward to welcoming in 2012 with open arms, a sense of positivity and optimism of opportunities to come. The New Year is a time for hope, for promise, and for chance so welcome in 2012 with that mindset my friends and I hope it will bring you an excellent year ahead.

Here's to a New Year of health, happiness, and success for all of my dear readers and a great New Year's Eve party to ring it with!

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