Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 683 : Dinner at Boqueria

Apologies for the brief absence folks...lots of catchup to come today. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas weekend, so let's get going.

Boqueria Flatiron was first opened in 2006 by Seamus Mullen and Yann de Rochefort inspired by Barcelona's tapas bars and the market stalls at the Boqueria market in Barcelona. In 2008, the pair opened their Soho location and in 2010, Seamus Mullen left the partnership. I've dined many a time at both Boqueria locations and love them for their ode to classic Spanish tapas cuisine and for the casual and welcoming atmosphere. But this was the first time I'd dined at Boqueria since Seamus Mullen was no longer the chef. The food was still excellent, inventive, and flavorful.

So what did we all have?

Their flatbread with butternut squash, arugula and goat's cheese topped with a melange of herbs and EVOO. Savory yet light, this was the perfect late autumn/early winter dish. Then we also had their gambas al ajillo, the classic Spanish sauteed garlicky shrimpy dish full of aromatic herbaceous notes with a rustic feel along with their brussel sprouts sauteed in a tomato sauce which just melted in your mouth. And lastly their txipirones -- sauteed squid with frisee, tomato confit, romesco vinaigrette and a crispy scallion. In your face flavorful in all the right sort of ways -- dialed up vegetal notes paired with the bright fishiness of the squid. A refreshing preparation for squid, these little guys were not masked by a layer of breading or a fried exterior, they were on display for all to enjoy.

Overall a delish meal in a fun atmosphere, great for a festive get together or drinks and nibbles with old friends.

171 Spring Street

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