Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 678 : 'Tis the Season to Give Back.

Looking for a gift for your cheeseloving friend but also want to give back to those less fortunate?

Then I recommend you get Murray's and Heifer International's Cheeses of the World Club. For $150, you receive four cheeses, approx two pounds of cheese, one made with each of the following milks -- buffalo, cow, sheep, and goat. Of the $150, $90 goes to a share in Heifer's Cheeses of the World Club which provides struggling families with a water buffalo, cow, sheep and goat. The idea is that these families will in turn utilize the milk produced by these animals to craft cheese that they can then use to feed their families or to stimulate the family's income. For every ten gifts sold, one family receives all four animals.

You must be curious what cheeses you receive too! Well you get:

Quadrello di Bufala - Think Taleggio's washed rind stink but crafted with water buffalo milk - making for a round, sweet, delicate, stinky and rustic cheese. Great spread on crackers washed down with a nice big Italian red to go along with.

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar - We all know what this yummy guy is from last week's blog but in case you've forgotten -- this aged cow's milk clothbound Cheddar is a partnership between the Cellars at Jasper Hill and Cabot. Nutty, caramelly, rustic, and barnyardy, this would go excellently with a seasonal brew.

Pyrenees Brebis - Classically fabulous Alpine sheep's milk cheese from the Pyrennes. Buttery, nutty, smooth, and all around fabulous, this is excellent with a medium bodied red or an IPA.

Haystack Peak - Hailing from Colorado this is based on the Loire Valley great goat's milk cheeses like Valencay. But Haystack is truly American - bright, fresh, citrusy, and milky, this is excellent with a glass of white wine or perhaps some bubbly.
Happy Holidays!

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