Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 670 : Next Stop Cabot.

Did you know that the name Cabot comes from a Revolutionary Era romance? Yes folks, a man named the town of Cabot after his wife, if that isn't the most grandiose of gestures right?

Yes Cabot Cheese is named after the town of its birth place in 1919 when 94 farmers joined together to form the cheese co-op. Now, almost a century later, Cabot has close to 1300 farmers in its co-op with on average 75 cows each. Now, Cabot has three retail outposts in Vermont along with a production plant in Cabot, in Middlebury and then plants in Massachusetts and New York. This is a big time operation folks with with a focus on the farmers, sustainability, giving back to the economy, and of course producing their award winning fabulous Cheddar cheeses.  I find it is always a good sign of a company when its employees have been there forever and a large percentage of their employees have been there for decades.

Cabot as we all know is well known for its Cheddars crafting close to thirty different varieties from 75 % reduced fat to smoky bacon to five year aged ones to even spreadable cheddar cheese. Apart from their Cheddars, they make a few types of Monterey Jack, Muenster, butter, Greek yogurt, a variety of dips, cottage and cream cheese, whip cream, and cheddar powder. In 2006, Cabot teamed up with Jasper Hill to craft an artisanal clothbound cheddar that is aged in Jasper Hill's cellars for ten months and then is sold both by Cabot and Jasper Hill. Elegant and smooth, this is a refined cheddar.

I'll leave you with two fun Cabot facts:

Did you know that their Cheddars are completely lactose free?

And that they hold the world record for the largest Mac N' Cheese?

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