Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 664: Happy Repeal Day!

Repeal Day in case you didn't know was the day 77 years ago when Prohibition was overturned. This day changed the American world of liquor -- from wine to beer to cider to harder beverages, innovation on the alcohol side was about to restart. And look at where we are today......

Let's just imagine what would have happened if the same thing had happened with cheese...well in a way it somewhat is to this day, right? Think about the regulations surrounding young American raw milk cheeses available for sale.

But instead of going into depth about that, on Repeal Day, I recommend you get a nice chunk of Roquefort, a French cheese that has always struggled with American cheese regulations and celebrate your freedom of being able to purchase this decadently creamy and spicy blue cheese. With your Roquefort, don't forget to grab your favorite alcoholic beverage and celebrate Repeal Day! Sure you could go to the 1920s party at Employees Only if you were feeling like it as well.

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