Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 659 : SCS Version 10.0, Dispatch # 3

Today we will explore semi-firm to firm cheeses from each location, great for snacking with a glass of red wine or a nice ale or even a glass of cider.

From Hahn's End in Maine we have City of Ships, a small production aged raw cow's milk cheese. Full bodied with rustic nutty buttery notes and a smooth finish. This is an excellent wintertime cheese for a night in with friends, a bottle of wine, and a movie.

And what of its Greek counterpart?

What about Kefalotyri?

A very well-known and popular cheese that is traditionally crafted with either sheep's or goat's milk, this is super-duper firm cheese that can range in color from ivory to yellow depending on the type of milk utilized in the cheese production. Upon tasting the cheese, you might think of Alpine cheeses like Appenzeller or Gruyere, but Kefalotyri is completely its own -- the salty briny quotient is dialed up a few notches here therefore making it great for snacking in the summertime when it's hot out and you need salt. Crisp and savory with a sharp punch, it is also quite crumbly with that classic aged crystallization. Very versatile -- you can see this cheese grated over pasta, utilized in cooking, served on its own with some bread, you can't go wrong with Kefalotyri.

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