Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 653: Thanksgiving Cheeses

Happy Thanksgiving again folks!

For today's Thanksgiving cheeses, I decided to go to Beechers and get cheeses from blockbuster cheesemaking states that have really led the way of the American artisanal cheese movement.

For our first cheese, I chose Old Kentucky Tomme from Capriole Farms in Indiana. Judy Shad and her family began producing their award winning goat's milk cheeses in 1977 -- each cheese is full of whimsy and individuality, crafted with love and care. Old Kentucky Tomme is produced with goat's milk and is aged for approximately six months developing a naturally bloomy rind full of rustic mushroomy notes. A semi soft interior paste with a fresh grassy citrusy crispness and a creamy mouthfeel. Great with a glass of Meursault.

Moving along our next cheese is Queso del Invierno (winter cheese) from Vermont Shepherd made with primarily sheep's milk cheese and a small amount of Jersey cow's milk and aged for between four and six months. Firm and nutty, with a crunchy crumble, this is cheese is rich with earthy and rustic notes. Great with a glass of cider or a nice medium bodied red wine.

Our final cheese is Big Boy Blue from Wilapa Hills Cheese in Doty, Washington. A washed rind cow's milk blue cheese that has only been produced for the past year but it has quickly become a favorite on the American artisanal cheese scene. Why Big Boy? Well that's because of the amount of blue veining in the cheese. It is rustic and round with a melt in your mouth creaminess -- not too punchy but just punchy and spicy enough.

That's all for now folks. Here's to a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Yes sure Thanksgiving is about being with close friends and family and enjoying a feast but it is also about giving thanks for all of life's special gifts. So thank you to my folks, family, and friends on this day of giving thanks. I love you all.

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