Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 626 : Opening Alert -- Yet another grilled cheese joint

Grilled cheese -- that classic simple comfort food that when paired down to its most basic is simply two pieces of bread and a hunk of cheese in between but when done right it is heavenly. Grilled cheese has been "hot" for the past year and change. I know you're thinking, really, did she just say that? Grilled cheese? Hot? Hasn't it always been something that we enjoyed? By hot I mean, restaurants, food trucks, carts, pop-ups and more specializing strictly in grilled cheeses. Why have one or two or even three grilled cheese outposts when you can have dozens right?

So I'm writing to tell you all about another grilled cheese place opening next week down on the Lower East Side -- Little Muenster located at 100 Stanton Street.

9 grilled cheese combinations are on their menu now featuring cheeses spanning the gamut from Kraft singles to Stilton and Midnight Moon to name a few. But instead of revealing all of their grilled cheese combinations right here for you, I recommend you check it out yourself next week.

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