Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 624 : A CSA for Cheese?

Yes you heard it right! Cricket Creek Farm is starting a weekly cheese specific CSA strictly for all you Brooklynites out there.

Traditionally when one thinks of a CSA, one thinks of the boxes of fruit and veggies delivered to your neighborhood on a weekly or biweekly basis -- community supported agriculture.

You either sign up for a holiday special that runs from November 14th through December 26th for $80 or you can sign up for a full winter share which starts on November 14th and goes through March 19th for $215. With each you will get 3/4 of a lb of cheese on a weekly basis. However should you decide to sign up for the double share, you would get 1.5 lbs of cheese on a weekly basis.

It's a great way to stimulate the farm's revenue while providing you with a weekly delivery of delish farm fresh artisanal cheese.

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