Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 618 : How to Save / How to Splurge Dispatch #34

Coming to you all a little late, I apologize...

Under our :"how to save" umbrella, I sometimes like to recommend cheeses that are on sale, cheeses that you wouldn't necessarily get at another time because they are just a little more pricey than you may want but that now that they are slightly cheaper, you can splurge on a small budget.

So this afternoon, in looking through a variety of cheese purveyours' sites, I found it interesting that Murray's Cheese is one of the only sites that has a "sale" section, somewhat like an online apparel outfitter. You might automatically think well maybe that's because they have such a large "by mail" clientele, and yes you would be right on that note but so does Artisanal and they don't have the same...curious right?

Right now featured in Murray's sale section is the delectably delicious yet epically stinky Limburger. This washed rind cheese is of Belgian - German origin and is a brick of pasteurized cow's milk. It is semi soft with a creamy roundness of flavor to it. Don't be scared that the smell is somewhat in your face, the taste surely isn't the same -- yes it has a nice briny tang but that actually balances out the unctuous creamy interior paste. Great with a glass of Riesling and for under $10 for this little brick of cheesy goodness, you simply cannot go wrong.

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