Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 613 : What to buy right now at the Tucker Square Greenmarket -- Malbec Towers

Every Thursday and Saturday, Tucker Square, the miniature public outdoor seating area / greenspace near Lincoln Center on 66th and Broadway, has a Greenmarket stocked with farms selling their fruit, vegetable, and floral produce, bakeries selling their breads and sweet baked goods, fish and meat, wine, and of course cheese. The cheese purveyour who is typically there is Bobolink Dairy from Milford, NJ.

Today Bobolink had their seasonal Fall cheese -- Malbec Towers. Each Fall, Bobolink follows in a centuries' old tradition of burying and consequently curing the exterior of smaller cheeses in wine must. What is wine must you might be wondering? Well it's the leftovers that are left after the juice is sucked out of Malbec wine grapes. Thus you get an aged cow's milk cheese that has been infused with and bathed in Malbec wine must.

Musty, rustic, and farmsteady, this is one supremely funky cheese. Creamy round cheesy paste is masked with a lightly alcoholic, fruity, tannic, barnyardy sweetness. Bobolink only made one hundred of these cheeses so be sure to rush out and get one before you've missed your chance. When they run out, you'll have to wait till next Fall.

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