Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 588 : SCS Version 8.0, Dispatch #1

Yes a little late, but better late than never right...I realized that on our list of places we've examined in our SCS spotlights, we have yet to examine our closest neighbor, so why not focus on Canada? And in looking at our US focus, I realized our western focus was quite lacking so I chose Oregon. For this week's cheese spotlight from each locale I chose a firm raw goat's milk cheese.

Hailing from Fairview Farm in Oregon we have Cynthian named for the Oregonian trail settler, Cynthia Ann Applegate and crafted with the milk from animals who still graze along the trail she once traveled upon. This raw goat's milk cheese is made in small basket molds and aged for at least two months. The rind is brushed with sage, oregano, rosemary, and chive to create a fantastic herbaceous kick that is offset by the firm citrus-y grass lactic ivory interior paste. A veritable delight!

And what of its Canadian counterpart? How about the famous Chevre Noir crafted by Fromagerie Tournevant in Chesterville, Canada. Also made from raw goat's milk but made in a cheddar style and aged for at least one year in black wax. It boasts a bright ivory interior with nutty caramelly crunchy crystalized moments. Butter and milk flavors are offset by a savory salty sweet yet somewhat fruit finish. Overall an excellent example of Canadian cheesemaking.

Stay tuned next week for a look at two blue cheeses.

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