Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 585 : A very late brunch for one

Today I did a 22 mile training run around the bottom of Manhattan Island and over the Brooklyn Bridge and around Brooklyn Bridge Park. For those of you that know me well, I am sure you are thinking, she ran across the Brooklyn Bridge?!? Yes folks, I have a bit of a problem with heights. The first time I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge was at night and my legs were so shaky after the fact that I insisted on sitting and having a drink immediately. Granted I've gotten much better about it now....

Upon returning home I decided I needed a protein focused brunch, what to make?

I decided on an egg white omelet with Salvatore Brooklyn ricotta infused with herbes de Provence and peppered mackerel, parsley, and sundried tomatoes and diced heirloom tomato (which are at their height right now).

Salvatore Brooklyn ricotta yes is somewhat of an indulgence when it comes to price but boy is it fabulous --utter creamy cheesy decadence in each morsel and by adding a generous helping of herbes de Provence and some sel de la guerande and some EVOO, you will dial the herbaceous aromatic qualities of the cheese. By adding a few dollops of ricotta to your egg white mixture and then whipping them together before placing the egg whites in the pan you add a creamy quotient to the eggs obviously along with a nice weight. Once the egg white ricotta mixture is on, add some diced sundried tomatoes and some parsley. At Fairway they have the most wonderful peppered mackerel filets that are smoked and ready to eat so dice up some of the mackerel and add it the eggs. Sprinkle some sea salt, crushed red pepper, and black pepper over the eggs. Cook over low heat and just before you think the eggs are done (the whites will go opaque), add your diced heirloom tomato.

Enjoy your savory egg white omelette! I surely enjoyed mine after my run.

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