Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 582: SCS Version 7.0, Dispatch #4

For our final round of Virginia and Ireland I thought we should finish with a blue stinky pungent bang.

From Virginia we have a natural rind blue cheese from the state's first Grade A-micro-goat dairy, Bonnyclabber Country cheese located on Sullivan's Pond Farm. This is a small operation folks to find their cheeses you either have to call them up and order directly or hope to find them at a local farmer's market. They make small batches of a wide range of raw goat's milk and pasteurized goat and cow's milk cheeses and for today's SCS spotlight their natural rind blue cheese crafted with cow's milk is raw and rustic, biting and spicy, creamy and smooth yet fantastically pungent. But most of all it embodies the classic Virginia terroir.

And what of its Irish counterpart?

Granted a little more well-known and easily found, but still equally fabulous! Cashel Blue! Crafted by the Grubbs family in County Tipperary who got expelled from England about three hundred years ago due to religious differences, this is actually the first Irish blue cheese. The family itself has been making butter and farming since they arrived in Ireland but Cashel only came onto the scene in the early 1980s. Crafted with pasteurized cow's milk and aged for anywhere between two and six months, this cheese is smooth, round, creamy, and luscious yet with the requisite blue piquant punch -- a happy marriage of weight and spice all rolled into one cheese.

Stay tuned next week for SCS version 8.0 folks.

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