Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 575 - Cheese and Cider Pairing Part One

After my sojourn in Normandy which is cider central for Northern France and the sudden onset of autumn, I feel myself having a hankering for hard cider. Crisp and light but with a warming rustic feel, cider sounds like just the ticket to me.

Not sure what cheese to serve with cider, well it depends on the cider and your mood of course. If you are drinking a cider from Normandy, I recommend staying local and getting a morsel of Pont L'Eveque which is an excellent example of a key pairing rule when pairing cheese and cider -- the light airy carbonation of the cider will cut through the dense unctuousness of a creamy cheese but instead of choosing a straight forward bloomy rind cheese here like one might choose with a champagne, ciders work much better with washed rind cheeses -- rustic pairing with rustic..

Thinking of going local but don't know what? Go with a Bellwether cider from the Finger Lakes and perhaps Vermont's Von Trapp Brother's Oma. A perfectly stinky cow's milk washed rind cheese that will be excellent with the refreshing fruity-ness of the cider.

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