Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 572 : The perfect Labor Day Cheese

One foot in the summertime and one foot in the Fall is an excellent way to characterize Cowgirl Creamery's Pierce Pt if you ask me...yes it is billed as their Fall / Winter cheese but this cheese is a wonderful welcome into the season of leaves changing, cooler nights, warmer fires, and shorter days. A semi soft bloomy rinded cow's milk cheese bathed in sweet Moscato wine and rolled in local Tomales Bay dried herbs. The cheese's sweet wine wash is offset with slight slivers of dried orange rind along with the aromatic nuances of the herbs providing an excellent tango of savory, sweet, herbal, creamy, and fruity notes on one's tongue. In a way, the cheese is almost warming and surely is perfect with a glass of red wine. This isn't your light, bright, citrusy goat's milk cheese that heralds in the dog days of summer folks, this cheese has more weight and heft to it but it does such a fabulous dance on your tongue to awaken your senses that it still maintains somewhat of a sense of lightness, just like the end of summer sort of feel.

So go out and grab yourself a wheel of Pierce Pt and enjoy the last days of summer while simultaneously welcoming in fall.

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