Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 557 : Traveling to the big city...

After a marvelous five days in the French country-side of Normandy and of Champagne as you have read, today I travelled to Paris, a city that holds a special place in my heart, where I feel at home walking the streets, taking the metro, sitting in the cafes, frequenting my favorite restaurants, walking into the markets, museums, shops, and more. Even when it is overrun with tourists, Paris is pure elegance, romance, history, and enchantment all rolled into one for me.

This was my first opportunity to witness and experience Paris Plages, an month long event occurring each summer from mid July through mid August for the previous decade. Sand is carted into Paris and placed alongside the right bank of the Seine; concerts and other events are organized; restaurants and bars set up shop along the water for this month long summertime celebration. And tonight, the second to last evening of Paris Plages, it was a treat to see all the Parisians and tourists out enjoying their crepes, picnics, beers, wines, concerts, and more. Too bad New York doesn't have anything that rivals this -- Water Taxi Beach, maybe? Summer Streets, maybe? But nope, not really!

A dinner at a small creperie on the Ile St Louis was just the ticket after a long day of travel -- a homemade savory crepe, light as a feather filled with smoked salmon and crottin de Chavignol accompanied by a side salad which I added to the crepe and a glass of Cotes de Provence Rose.  Simple, paired down, and delish food -- the creamy citrusy brightness of the cheese playing excellently off of the aromatic smokiness of the salmon on the backdrop of a warm crepe. A post dinner stroll through Paris in the nighttime, what could be better?

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