Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 538 : Sunday Night Supper at Fishtag

As my dedicated Fromagical readers might know by now, Fishtag is one of my go-to neighborhood joints -- sleek, modern design, delish food, an extensive wine list, a cheese and appetizing service, and just a nice atmosphere.

Sunday night, after a lovely staycation summer day, I had some wine and nibbles at Fishtag. Had two of my favorites -- their smoked tuna served with grilled bread, fennel, French breakfast radishes, greek yogurt, and pickled veggies and Nicoise olives. Such a fantastic and unique preparation for tuna -- one really gets to experience the fish in a different way than a tartare, or a sushi, or seared, or a ceviche. Savory, sensual, and sublime!

And we had their chopped chicory and bulgar salad which is a melange of medjool dates, pomegranate seeds, green olives, French breakfast radishes, pistachios, peppers, grilled onions and smoked almonds. A complex and ingredient heavy salad that is light, flavorful, refreshing, and summery.

And lastly we tried their new Ratatouille, roasted tomato, and kefaloteri (a Greek sheep's milk cheese) bruschetta which was although a little difficult to eat, a fantastic celebration of vegetables -- walking an excellently fine line between the classic French ratatouille and a Middle-Eastern vegetable tagine.

Overall, always a great meal!
I apologize you didn't receive this last night folks, apparently I forgot to press publish yesterday, whoops!

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