Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day Three Hundred and Thirteen : Laurier Spotlight

While having a glass of Prosecco with brunch this afternoon, I got to thinking about an ideal cheese to pair with this Italian bubbly and I came up with Laurier. Artisanal Cheese here in Manhattan and accessible to all of you nationwide and worldwide via crafts their own soft ripened goat's milk cheese that was developed with the cheese maker from Vermont Butter and Cheese, Adeline Druart. I always think its nice to see when a retail, aging, and educational outlet takes on the task of creating cheeses made exactly to their specifications. 

This melt in your mouth cheese tends to come in hockey puck style rounds topped with hand selected bay leaves. The bay leaves impart a fantastically wonderful herbaceous-ness into the classic lactic tang of this goat cheese. Full of layers of unique flavor, this is a cheese that keeps on going after your first bite -- it unfolds and opens into something unexpectedly fantastic on the finish. Worth a try, especially with a glass of Holiday bubbly!

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