Friday, November 19, 2010

Day Two Eighy Three : Brussels Sprouts GCF

In thinking about what to do for today, I got to thinking about traditional Thanksgiving sides and my mind landed on the green vegetable category, shock! Some people have green beans, others have brussels spouts, broccoli, spinach, you name it, there's a great variety to what green veggies you see on that Thanksgiving table.

I decided that it would be fun to do a Brussels Sprouts GCF today. So let's get going right? Quick, easy, simple and delish!

Grab a cup full of brussels and cut them all in half. Toss them in a roasting pan with EVOO, some roasted walnuts, shallots, fresh rosemary and oregano, black pepper, and salt. Roast at 250 till golden brown or for about 25 to 30 minutes. Once they are roasted, they have a subtle sweetness that plays off of the green vegetal quality, super yum if you ask me!

Next up is to grab a nice crusty crunchy baguette. On one side of the baguette put a small amount of L'Olivier's Fig Vinegar. It will add a nice fruity vinegary touch to the sandwich, just the perfect flavor profile difference.

Next up top it with some Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve. Pleasant Ridge hails from the great American cheesemaking state of Wisconsin. It is one of my favorite cheeses whether it is served plain or utilized in a GCF or in a pasta, you can't ever go wrong with Pleasant Ridge. Made in an Alpage style, it is full of buttery, caramelly, butterscotchy nutty notes and has a rich warmth to it when melted which is why I thought it would be perfect to go with our brussels. If you eat meat, I'd recommend putting some lardons into this GCF. I imagine flavor wise, it would knock your socks off, but since I don't, lets not...just as a suggestion though. If you do use the lardons, I'd recommend holding off on the fig vinegar, it would be too much going on.

Now toast away and have with a nice glass of red wine, maybe a Negroamaro from Southern Italy. They tend to be rustic, earthy light to medium bodied reds with a nice red fruit finish.

Enjoy folks!

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