Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day Two Thirty Nine : Fast, Easy, Fresh Recap of Last Night's Dinner

I've discovered a new favorite green, purslane. Have you ever had it? It's considered a weed with reddish stalks, rounded small green leaves, and yellow flowers. When raw it has a salty almost bitter flavor but when lightly sauteed, its flavors open up and it is delish. It is also really good for you -- packing the highest amount of Omega 3s of any green; it also is high in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A and C.

So what did I do with purslane for my fast, easy, fresh dinner for one last night? I made a warm salad of course with my fav, quinoa. But I think that this would be better paired with rice as opposed to the quinoa...

Let's first start with the necessary ingredients and go from there -

One large zucchini
One bunch of Purslane
Half dozen baby carrots
Half dozen baby bella mushrooms
Half of a red pepper
One clove of garlic
Half a shallot
1/4 lb of French Feta
EVOO of course
Quinoa (I am a huge fan of quinoa and tend to eat on an almost nightly basis, but I think a nice wild rice would also work here excellently.)
Shavings of Valley Shepherd's Tewksbury to top the dish.

Chop up all the veggies, the aromatics, and the purslane and toss into a saute pan with the EVOO, some salt and black pepper and maybe a little dash of cooking white wine. Cover the saute pan and cook over low heat till the veggies seem done, give or take ten minutes. Just as the veggies seem like they are reaching doneness, add your crumbled French feta. Pull off the stove and place your warm salad on top of a bed of wild rice, instead of my quinoa and top with some shavings of Valley Shepherd's Tewksbury or if you do not have access, a nice aged nutty Comte will be a decent stand in. A delish simple meal that will be filling and satisfying and good for you to boot!

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