Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day Two Sixty - Autumnal Cheese Spy Dispatch from across the pond!

Where has the cheese spy landed?

In the land of Roquefort, but of course. Not just anywhere, but in the city of light enjoying an enlighted cheese moment...

Where to find said moment?

A petit bistro of Lyonnaise origin -- Chez Rene located at 14 Blvd St Germain.

And what does Chez Rene have?

Cheese ravioli. I'm sure you are thinking, how could cheese ravioli be worth of a cheese spy dispatch? This cheese ravioli is special! That's because this homemade Lyonnaise style ravioli is not about the pasta dough or about the melding of exterior and interior, it is strictly about the cheese inside -- a blend of homemade ricotta and Cantal cheese. Utterly decadent, each morsel lusciously melts in your mouth.  A don't miss in the Latin Quartier!

Stay tuned....

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