Friday, October 15, 2010

Day Two Forty Eight - Mediterranean Tofu-tastic GCF

Tofu is not everyone's favorite grilled cheese ingredient that's for sure, but I sure love it. It's high in protein which for those of us who don't eat meat is a good thing! It's production is actually somewhat similar to cheese shockingly enough....It is made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the developed curds into soft white blocks of bean curdy goodness! Quite bland on its own, when combined with seasonings, aromatics, and other ingredients, it becomes quite tasty if you ask me!

So what are we doing with tofu this week? Well folks I thought we would utilize one of the cheeses from last night's cheese class in our sandwich and pair them together with some veggies and a few other yumtastic ingredients.

The cheese I thought we would use is Battenkill Brebis made by 3 Corner Field Farm in Shushan, NY. It is an American sheep's milk tomme style cheese aged for four to six months. Smooth, simple, grassy and buttery, this is an ideal melting cheese!

For this week's GCF, I recommend using some nice green olive bread. Layer some of the Battenkill Brebis on the bread first off. Place this to the side.

There are many different types of tofu, firm, extra firm, soft, already prepared and not. For this week let's use the extra firm so it holds up to your cooking procedures. Heat up a skillet with some olive oil, a little soy sauce and a half a diced shallot. Carefully slice 1/4 inch thick slices of tofu and top each with some fresh thyme and parsley and place in the skillet over low heat and cover, cook for four minutes on each side and flip. Cook till golden brown. Remove your tofu and add it on top of the cheese. Next top that with some sundried tomatoes and a few capers. Lastly add a few leaves of mixed greens. Then on the other side of the bread put some Maille Mustard and some EVOO and toast away!

Enjoy this savory protein rich Mediterranean tofu GCF.

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