Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day Two Fifty Two - Results

Are you curious to hear who won in this week's Marriage Mondays? Or did you figure it out?

I think I made things a bit easy this week in terms of who was the winner, but in case you didn't figure it out, let me get right to those results.

Contestants Number 1 and 2 had the exact same issue in terms of why they did not succeed this week, therefore their explanations will be grouped together. Both the Nettlesome and the Green Peppercorn Cone although fantastic, their flavors are quite bold and will most certainly outshine the delicate nuances of our delish green tea. That being said, I could potentially see the Nettlesome paired with a cocktail utilizing chamomile tea simple syrup as an idea. But for the most part, both of these cheeses are not the ideal match when it comes the tea -- too bold for such a delicate beverage.

Therefore, by deduction, our Cypress Grove Purple Haze has won this week!


1. Both the tea and the cheese are delicately bold and beautiful, they do not announce their presence, but once on hand, it is a long lasting presence that's for sure.
2. Each is floral yet herbal with a lightness guaranteed to delight.
3. The lightly smoky flavors in the tea play wonderfully off of the fennel pollen notes in the cheese.  Whereas the green tea leafy-ness fucntions in perfect harmony with faint lavender notes of the cheese.

A great pairing! So how would you serve this pairing?

I would probably have Nairns Oat Cakes with mixed berries, some red grapes and maybe some slices of fresh golden delicious apples. Something simple and completely fresh and refreshing to enliven you and your senses. Enjoy!!

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