Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day Two Fifty Seven - Comfort Food

First used, according to Webster's dictionary in 1977, comfort food by definition implies a positive and uplifting emotional feeling, maybe with a twinge of nostalgia and a side of "the good ole days." Yes, there are those stereotypical comfort foods culture and society deem as what one should eat to make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

Just take a moment to think about it, what are your comfort foods? Do you eat them only when you're feeling down and lonely? Or for Sunday night suppers? Or is it your go-to meal that you make after a long tiring day at the office? There's always room for that dish that simply will make you feel good and put a big smile on your face. I've got a few comfort foods that I love and they are my go-to meals when I'm feeling down and out or ill or exhausted, but mostly when I know that I want something that is comforting and of those is a simple egg white omelette, which is what I made tonight and I thought I'd share what I made for a Sunday night dinner.

3 egg whites
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Sage
Diced yellow tomatoes
A few diced brussel sprouts
Some grated Gruyere cheese
Crushed Red Pepper
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
Some omelette spices (A French blend of herbs perfect for eggs)

Put the egg whites in the pan and then sprinkle the diced veggies, herbs, red pepper, sea salt, and spices on top and then grate a nice amount of Gruyere over the eggs and veggies. Tonight, I had this with a nice mug of Chamomile tea and boy was that just the ticket for a Sunday evening.

Sometimes enjoying that comfort food you know and love is just what one needs...Night all!

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