Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day Two Fifty - Cheeses for a Sunday movie night

Gosh I can't believe its Sunday already, the weekend just flew by, that's for sure!

Tonight I'm heading over to a girlfriend's for a low-key movie night and some yummy nibbles -- hummus and carrots, grapes, and some cheese and crackers. My friend informed me she had some chevre and brie, so what did I decide to bring to add to our cheese selection?

Although I had ideas of other softer cheeses, I knew we needed something hard and something blue for the reminder or our cheeses. Therefore, I strolled into Fairway this lovely autumnal Sunday afternoon and picked up:

1. Ubriacone - Meaning the great big drunk, this Italian raw cow's milk cheese is delectable! It is bathed in red wine much like say a Drunken Goat, but what differs here is that although with bathing in red wine, it is also inoculated with red wine throughout the interior paste much like a blue cheese is with penicillium roqueforti. It is firm yet moist with a smoothness to it -- full of winey notes and great for a movie night in with friends!

2. Australian Roaring Forties - My favorite Australian cheese, this pasteurized cow's milk cheese is imported from halfway around the world and boy is it worth it. Made by King Island Dairy, the name references the epic winds felt near King Island, south of Melbourne. This is not a blue cheese for the faint of heart, it sure is full flavored! Its aged in blue wax which allows the cheese to retain its moisture and encourages its fantastically creamy texture -- a real winner if you ask me!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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