Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Two Thirty One: Results

So who did you wager would win today? Contestant 1, 2, or 3?

No more anticipation necessary! It's time for answers...

Contestant Number # 1: Califon Tomme - Our aged New Jersey mixed milk contestant would be a suitable match for our Zweigelt, but there just wouldn't be sparks. It would be a fine pairing, yes, but each other's hidden nuances would not be able to shine when consumed together. This is the sort of cheese that would work excellently with a nice Pilsner. It needs the hops of the beer to coax out the "je ne sais quoi" of the cheese.

Contestant Number #3: Dorset - The smashingly delish third contestant also misses the boat with our Zweigelt -- its flavors will certainly overwhelm the well rounded softness of the wine. The wine needs a cheese that packs a punch but also has a creamy smoothness to it -- each member of the pair exhibiting a nice sense of fullness yet lightness at the same time. That is what our second contestant provides! But that does not mean that the Dorset isn't a fantastically spectacular cheese and doesn't have the perfect mate as well. I think when consuming Dorset, a nice Riesling would do the ticket, the sweetness of the wine will cut through the washed rindness and will be the perfect pairing!

Contestant Number #2: Grafton Village Duet - Therefore as I just revealed contestant number two takes the prize this week! Interestingly enough, should this have been a straight blue cheese, I believe it would certainly overwhelm the wine and should it have been a straight aged cheddar, I think it would not have been able to stand up to the wine, but the two together work in an excellently harmonious manner. The Duet is the ideal mixture of creaminess and spicy-ness with the perfect roundness of mouth feel that will allow the Zweigelt to shine.

Enjoy the Duet with some crispy bread and a nice glass of lightly chilled Zweigelt - a great way to brighten this dreary Tuesday afternoon!

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