Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Eighteen : Mia Dona

What's your favorite place to go to unwind with friends? The sort of place where they know you by name, your favorite drink, your preferred dish -- it fits your personal bill of locale...I think that having places you go back to, where they know you and appreciate the fact that you come back to them time and time again in a city where there are millions of options; is what makes New York City feel less like a city and more like a town, if that's possible.

Yes I know my bakers, my cheesemongers, my veggie guys, and the ladies at the wine store -- they make my neighborhood feel like home. But where do I go to unwind, that comfy sort of hang out locale, my go-to spot?

That spot is a little Italian restaurant on 58th between 2nd and 3rd avenues called Mia Dona. I tend to go for their super happy hour -- $5 mixed drinks and 2 for 1 nice beers, how can you go wrong there? The drinks aren't too small or made with sub par liquor, they are quite nice in fact. Apart from the great pricing on their drinks, I'd have to say my favorite part about Mia Dona is their homemade black olive taralli and fresh ricotta cheese dip with olive oil, salt and black pepper. They aren't immediately offered, but if you ask, they will be brought to you gratis and boy are they delish! Crunchy, full flavored with plenty of herbal and olive-y notes. The perfect thing to dip into a nice bowl of fresh lactic, creamy, sumptuous ricotta cheese - they've got this right! 

Other snacks they offer during happy hour are spiced fava beans and truffled popcorn -- each has the right amount of salt with not too much fat or grease, but satisfying while enjoying an alcoholic beverage that's for sure...

For me Mia Dona is that right blend of affordable drinks, quiet, and decent snacking, all in a convenient locale and the best part is they know me there, not soo bad right?

They do have dinner and the few times I've eaten a full meal there, I've been quite satisfied. If you are ever looking for an easy Italian place to go in that neck of the woods, I strongly recommend it, especially for happy hour.

Mia Dona
206 East 58th Street

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