Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Eight: A Casinca and Fromaggio Essex

Let me start off by apologizing for being so behind in my blog posts, an overnight getaway got away from me and my musings to you all, so lets get going. Lots of catchup to do!

Catch up time round one, on Saturday afternoon, after my Eataly adventure, I stopped into a cheese store that is tried and true for me -- Fromaggio Essex, the NYC branch of Fromaggio Kitchen, the fabulous Cambridge, Mass based cheese purveyour. Fromaggio Essex is located in the Essex Street Market on the Lower East Side. I like Fromaggio Essex because they seek out unusual and different cheeses while still offering the classics. Not an enormous selection, but always a good one. You are sure to find a unique cheese from a small producer. They tend to focus more on European cheeses as opposed to American ones, however you might get lucky and find an American one here and there. But for American cheese in the Essex Street Market, you want to go to Saxelby Cheese, that's for sure!

Back to Fromaggio Essex...looking into the cheese case I saw that they had a Corsican cheese, A Casinca. Ding, ding, I needed to try it after my Corsician adventure in August. And boy was it fabulous! A small washed rind round of goat's milk; it had that classic washed rind stink but with the smooth tang of fresh goat's milk, creamy, barnyardy, stinky and with a lot of pizazz. It sure was the sort of cheese that had nice beginning, middle, and end notes, overall definitely struck a cord with me.

Next time you're looking for a unique cheese for a small gathering of friends, see if Fromaggio Essex has A Casinca, trust me you won't be disappointed!

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