Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day Two Hundred - Dos Toros Tacqueria

I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious weather we are currently having, gosh it is a treat right? No humidity, warmth and plenty of sun... After a fun end of summer wine tasting, we went to grab a bite of to-go Mexican food at the well regarded Dos Toros. Located on 4th avenue between 13th and 14th streets, this tiny spot is considered to have authentic Misson style burritos and although I don't eat meat, I could still judge them based on their quesadillas and chips and guacamole and salsa. So we tried their cheese quesadilla with cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese and fresh pico de gallo, simple but truly delish. Unlike in certain quesadilla situations, the cheese did not overpower the salsa but was the perfect subtle complement to the fresh tomatoes, onions, and all. Satisfying and light, two words that one doesn't typically utilize to describe a quesadilla. And with that we had their homemade chips and guacamole, each was completely fresh and delish. You know how sometimes homemade tortilla chips can be overly oily and heavy, these were light and airy! Their guac was bright, simple and light!

A great place for to go Mexican, at least I can vouch for their cheese quesadilla and chips and guacamole! Worth a visit in a city where Mexican joints are hit or miss.

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