Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day One Seventy Five - Results

So folks are you ready for this week's Marriage Monday's results? The nice thing about pairing with beer is that the options are endless and each unique style of beer will complement distinctly different cheeses and just like with wine, of course everything is completely subjective and you might find that my suggestions are not the right way to go ether, that's completely fine, you and I don't have the same taste buds, how could we?!

Alrighty ladies and gents, without further ado, here are this week's results:

Contestant Number #1: Cabecou Feuille - This disk of creamy goodness wrapped up like a little gift in chestnut leaves is fantastically aromatic and flavorful but just misses the boat here when paired with Brooklyn Brewery's summer ale. The cheese's tastes will overpower the fruity bready floral citrus bouquet of the beer while managing to fail to bring out unique nuances of the beer. This is the sort of cheese that is best paired with say a Pilsner as it will be the perfect counterpart to the dryness that is typically associated with that style of beer.

Contestant Number #2: This week's winner! Why you may ask? Well folks, that is an easy question if you ask me, the creamy lactic qualities of the cheese will accentuate the bready notes in the beer and each will play of the other's citrus side, bringing out the best in one another -- always a good characteristic of a successful marriage, right? The hints of blue will play off of the yeasty side of the beer while the youth of the cheese will play of the floral summery notes in the beer, overall a great beer and cheese pairing if you ask me! Stay local and Northeastern here!

Contestant Number #3: A fantastic cheese, herbaceous, piquant, and certainly a party in your mouth. However, this cheese would miss the mark at bringing out all of the nuances of our fair beer here. It would be a fine pairing, it just wouldn't be the sort of pairing that would hit it out of the park if you know what I mean. For this cheese, I would suggest a nice classic Weisse or Wheat beer which has the high notes and sweetness to tango with the high spicy notes of our third contestant.

Enjoy folks!

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