Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day One Ninety Four - "La Retour" Part Deux

Today I'm writing to you all from the Aeropuerto de Madrid and gosh am I over travelling, connecting flights, trains, buses, taxis, you name it apart from a ferry, I've probably been on it in the last twenty four hours. You might think I'm travelling from someplace halfway around the world, unfortunately you'd be mistaken. Don't get me wrong, I love travelling and I love adventures, what I do not love is six hour layovers with the possibility of maybe taking an earlier flight but being told that I can't transfer to that flight. Oh well, more time for me to write to you all and of course explore the Madrid airport.

Sitting here at what is just your basic cafe, drinks, sandwiches, baked goods, you come across a cheese plate that actually looks halfway decent. Not that I decided to try it, but it always makes me smile when I enter an establishment that has a cheese plate on offer, much more so of a European thing than American one. Maybe one day it will be a fixture at American airport cafes, we shall see.

Moving along folks, I thought I'd tell you all about the simple cucumber salad and sandwich I made to have for dinner in my hotel in Vitrolles, France. As I had to use up a previously purchased cucumber, I decided to slice it really thinly, combine it with a dollop of the fresh, lactic, and delish ricotta we had, some sel de mer, and a few drops of grapeseed oil, topped with a few leaves of basi. It was fresh, bright, light and delish -- the perfect thing to eat the night before a day of travelling! I had this with a small green olive roll that I had put some Picodon, one of my Loire Valley goats to refresh your memory, and a few sprigs of basil. A great end to a great time in France!

More tomorrow stateside and hopefully this week, a bunch of photos from all of my French meals!!! Enjoy your Sunday!

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