Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day One Sixty Eight - Results

So folks, who do you think won?

Let's get right to our results!

Contestant Number # 1 - Lambrusco "Bocciolo," Ermete  - Although a fantastic sparkler, this just misses the boat when paired with Bijou. Why you may ask? Well the red fruit flavors and the residual sugar essential in this contestant will not even overwhelm the delicacies of the Bijou, each will just function side by side. They are a mismatch. The lambrusco needs something with an obviously forward saltiness to it to partner with its sweetness, like a nice piquant blue cheese would be successful!

Contestant Number #2 - Sancerre, Lucien Crochet  - Here is an example of two partners settling for one another, no fireworks present in this partnership however that does not mean that they would be a bad marriage. The minerally acidity of the Sancerre is certainly terroir forward and when paired with cheeses from the same region with the same terroir you can achieve an aha moment. Here seeing as Bijou is from our fair shores, Sancerre works but just not to the same degree.

Contestant Number #3 - Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc - This is our winner this week! Why you may ask after I just spoke of terroir in the previous explanation would a wine made halfway around the world from our cheese be the winner? Well folks it is an excellent example of "new world" cheesemaking functioning in harmony with "new world" winemaking. The grassy, herbal, and citrus flavors of the wine find an excellent and successful counterpart in the cheese. Each is both light yet has some weight making them a great match in terms of taste, flavor, and body. You can't go wrong here!!

I wouldn't necessarily recommend cooking with our lovely Bijou as it has such striking tastes that it is best eaten on it own or if you feel you have to, it works when paired with a nice crusty bread that has been lightly brushed with some extra virgin olive oil and herbs. This is a cheese that is so fantastic, you don't need to do anything to it besides pair it with a glass of wine!

Enjoy folks.

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