Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Thirty-Four : A hint of something Asian for a Rainy Friday GCF

Today is certainly one of those days that would be better spent under covers watching old movies and cuddling with your special someone or your dog or cat. Rainy, grey, and cold not the best combination. But it is Friday making that combo a little easier to tolerate, right?

Who is ready for today's GCF? Me! Too bad it won't be accompanied with an adult beverage this week, not that you shouldn't have one to wind down after the week. But I am not drinking for these two weeks leading up to my marathon and let me tell you it has been a definitely different experience going out at night in New York without drinking, not bad, just very different. For example at dinner last night, I asked for a tea and I was informed that my options were water, beer, or wine...guess I will just stick to water then!

While thinking about what sort of GCF to do today, I thought, wow I haven't done that many recipes incorporating fruits and cheese together -- an excellent pairing combo! I needed to start doing more of those and I am sure I will as the weather starts getting nicer. The crispiness of certain fruits combined with the gooeyness of certain cheeses against the backdrop of delish bread, is a little taste of heaven. And here's today's simple and clean GCF.

A Hint of Something Asian GCF:

Asian Pear -- A mixture between an apple and a pear. These pears are crisper and juicier than their counterparts and are, if you ask me, a nicer mix between sweetness and savoriness. They do resemble more of an apple shape, so don't get confused ladies and gents at the supermarket!
Old Kentucky Tomme -- I know your first thought, is a cheese from Kentucky? Well, I hate to disappoint but it is from Indiana. A Goat's milk tomme style cheese aged for five to six months, this cheese somehow manages to capture that perfect balance between butteryness and richness and the lightness of most goat cheeses. It could be compared somewhat with a Tomme de Savoie, but lighter. Before we move on, I'd like to explain to you what exactly a Tomme is, in case you were curious. Tomme is a style of making cheese that originated in the French Alps and Switzerland. It tends to be produced from the skim milk that remains once the cream has been removed to produce butter and richer triple cream cheeses or when there is not sufficient milk to produce a fuller bodied cheese. Therefore, you guessed it, they tend to be lower in fat than other cheeses.
Lavender Honey
Eli's Health Bread

Take two nice slices of Eli's multigrain bread, packed with whole grains, flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds and coat each side lightly in lavender honey and then top with a few slices of Asian Pear and a few slices of Old Kentucky Tomme and heat. I like to enjoy this with a nice glass of iced green tea. Refreshing, satisfying, and delish for our rainy Friday evening.

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